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Afghan Hound

February 25, 2011

Afghan Hound Pic

The Afghan Hound is an absolutely magnificent dog.  I used to live just down the road from 2 of them and they would bound gracefully with their long locks through the local park and capture the attention of anyone nearby when their owner took them for a walk.

In terms of maintenance, these dogs require a lot of grooming if you want their true beauty to shine.  They are very large dogs so you probably need a station wagon if you want one of these stunners.

Also it is important to check the medical history of both the parents as this breed can have an hereditary heart murmur (mitral valve dysplasia) and also hereditary corneal condition in their eye (lipid corneal dystrophy).

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  1. May 30, 2011 10:43 pm

    You can have fun with your dog online too at Purebreds-R-Us. There is an online dog show there as well as a search engine of breeders in North America.

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