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British Bull Dog

February 25, 2011

British Bull Dog Pic


British Bull Dogs are a burly, stocky breed that is much more placid and gentle than it appears!  You may have seen one of these dogs in the tabloids with Reese Witherspoon – she has both a French and a British Bulldog.  They have a beautiful nature and will display affection to their master at any opportunity.


The breed was originally derived from the Mastiff breed, and was used to bait bears and badgers as well as to bait bulls in the bull ring.  The short nose and upswept jaw was bred into to breed so that they could breathe whilst continuing to clamp their strong jaw onto their opponent’s neck.


I think it’s really important to be firm with this breed when training it as a puppy, as they grow up to be quite a heavy, strong dog.  It might seem cute when it jumps up as a puppy, but when a big heavy dog jumps up, it can knock little or old people over.  This breed is probably not really suitable for the elderly as they can be very strong and quite difficult to handle on the lead if not trained well.


The average lifespan is around 8 years, but they can live for up to 10 years with the right diet, genetics and lifestyle.


They usually grow to about 30-38 cm in height and weigh between 20 and 25 kgs in peak condition.


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