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Chihuahua (long coat)

February 25, 2011

Chihuahua long coat Pic


The Chihuahua is probably most famous for being the smallest breed of dog in the world.  There are 2 types, the Smooth Coat and the Long Coat (shown on this page).  In my experience their size, or lack of it, sometimes means that they get away with some bad manners and poor training and can become quite bossy and grumpy if they don’t get their own way.


In saying that, I have met many lovely little examples of this breed that have perfect manners and are wonderful little dogs.  I think it’s really important if you are going to choose one to ensure that you have the time to spend training it whilst it is young.  It is very important to make sure that your dog knows that you are the boss.  If you want a little dog you can pop in your handbag or just a small dog that is easy to exercise and very low maintenance then this breed is a great choice.


The average lifespan is around 12 years, but they can live for up to 15 years with the right diet, genetics and lifestyle.


They usually grow to about 15-20 cm in height and weigh between 1.8 and 3.0 kgs in peak condition.


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