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Staffordshire Bull Terrier

March 23, 2011
Staffordshire Bull Terrier or "Staffy" Dog

Staffordshire Bull Terrier


The Staffordshire Bull Terrier is one of the friendliest happy-go-lucky dog breeds you will come across.  The breed was originally bred as a fighting dog, but today, this instinct has all but been bred out of the breed.   They come in a number of colours – black, brown, tan, merle and can come with or without white patches on their chest and feet.  I see a lot of young couples with a staffy as it seems to be a great dog for people with energy that just want a dog that loves life!   

Staffies originated in the early 19th Century and were a cross between the now extinct English Terrier and the old English Bulldog.; The purpose of the new breed was purely as a game-fighting dog and the aim of the cross was to result in a progeny with a broader and longer head than the Bulldog, which also displayed agility and strength.

In terms of temperament, I love these little “rogues”.  They are loyal and fun loving, and can be quite boisterous.  They are not suitable for people not confident with their dog training abilities or for people that cannot commit to exercising their dog regularly.  It must not be forgotten that these dogs were bred as fighting dogs, so if they do get into a dog-fight, with their powerful jaws, it is likely that the other dog will come off second best.  I advise owners of these dogs to keep them on the leash at all times in public places if the dog is not immaculately trained.

The average lifespan is around 13 years, but they can live for up to 15 years with the right diet, genetics and lifestyle.

They usually grow to about 36-40 cm in height and weigh between 12 and 17 kgs in peak condition.

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  1. May 11, 2011 11:24 pm

    Love the breed, we have kept staffys for the last 25 years. Please read good dog bad dog for a heart warming tale

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