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“Sheltie” or Shetland Sheepdog Dog Breed

April 1, 2011
Picture of a Sheltie - aka Shetland Sheepdog

Sheltie or Shetland Sheepdog dog breed

Sheltie is the nickname given to the Shetland Sheepdog breed. It is a very intelligent breed and as the name suggests it has a heritage involving work as a sheepdog. They look like a small version of the ‘Lassie Dog’ or “Rough Collie.”

As a breed, they are very easy to train and are a loyal companion and will guarantee to turn heads with their masses of hair. They need a lot of grooming to keep them looking their best and if you don’t have time to spend grooming them, they will get matts in their coat. This can be solved by getting the dog completely clipped in the summer months, which probably makes them feel much more comfortable than having their huge coat on anyway (they do look a little bit funny though!)

The breed was originally bred as a sheepdog on the Shetland Islands. Today, there are very few Shetland Sheepdogs still working sheep, but farmers who have worked sheep with the breed tell me they have incredible stamina and sheep sense. Due to their history and breeding, this dog is very loyal to their own family, but is wary of strangers. They make excellent watch dogs and can be trained to bark only when unusual noises occur. They are hardy and happy to be left alone for periods, but thrive on attention when it is given to them. As with any working or highly intelligent breed, it is important that you take the time to train it whilst it’s a puppy, or you may have a willful, difficult to control dog on your hands when it grows up.

The average lifespan is around 12 years, but they can live for up to 16 years with the right diet, genetics and lifestyle.

They usually grow to about 35-37 cm in height and weigh between 6 and 9 kgs in peak condition.

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