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Whippet Dog Breed

June 1, 2011
whippet dog pic

Whippet Dog Breed

The Whippet Dog Breed is a very lean little breed that is famous for being the fastest canine for its weight. They are very loyal and intent on pleasing their owners and are very intelligent, and highly active. In my experience, their desire to please their owner can sometimes turn into a bit of an obsession – so they really need lots of exercise and mental stimulation to make sure they are happy.

It is likely that they evolved from the Greyhound, as a breed to hunt rabbits, hares and other small game. They were originally known as the “poor man’s greyhound”, but have since become a highly regarded breed in their own right. They also have a heritage which includes racing, similar to their Greyhound cousin.

In terms of temperament, these dogs are alert, intelligent, keen to please and absolutely love spending time with their master. Their intelligence and working dog heritage makes them easy to train, as long as their owner is firm and consistent. Many owners believe that males are more obedient, outgoing and affectionate.

The average lifespan is around 13 years, but they can live for up to 15 years with the right diet, genetics and lifestyle.

They usually grow to about 45-50 cm in height and weigh between 18 and 23 kgs in peak condition.

Check out the Whippet on the Dogz Online Community

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  1. September 8, 2011 12:55 am

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